When it comes to pain relief, your Goldsboro Spine Center Experts recognize that you are looking for solutions that provide long-lasting results.

Our comprehensive services are ideal for patients in New York City, New York or Jersey City, New Jersey who are interested in treating pain rather than covering up the symptoms with medications.

How can chiropractic help with pain relief?

If you have heard of chiropractic medicine before, you may be of the opinion that all it offers is spinal manipulation. While adjustments involving the spine are a central aspect of chiropractic care, today, chiropractic also provides manual and manipulative therapies on a range of body parts to provide pain relief. Your chiropractor may also offer education regarding posture, exercise, and ergonomics that can help you alleviate pain and discomfort and minimize such issues in the future.

Chiropractic may help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches and migraines, back pain, neck pain, and fibromyalgia to name a few.

What can physical therapy do to provide pain relief?

Physical therapy may be known for helping rehabilitate injured patients to improving mobility and other functions, but this discipline can offer so much more. In fact, physical therapists play a major role in helping patients around the country manage chronic pain. Treatments may include exercises for strength and flexibility, body mechanics instruction, and education to inform patients about the underlying causes of pain.

Can I get pain relief from massage therapy?

Massage is a great alternative to pharmacological therapy in the treatment of pain. Massage therapists work from a holistic approach that focuses on uncovering and alleviating the root cause of pain. A range of kneading, rubbing, pulling, and other techniques may be applied by your massage therapist to provide pain relief reaching from chronic tension headaches to pain caused by cancer.

Each patient is different. Therefore, it is up to you and your healthcare provider to decide on the right course of action to treat your pain. A significant advantage of any of these noninvasive therapies is that they help patients become attuned to their own bodies and better understand the causes of their pain. It’s important to know that pain relief is possible without taking medications all day. Contact the Goldsboro Spine Center Experts to learn more.